UnicomNZ One Business Cloud Voice

UnicomNZ One Business Cloud Voice offers real advantages and cost savings.


One Business Standard Combo

  • $20.00/mth

  • 1 x Sip Trunk (Concurrent call)
  • 1 x Cloud Voice Licence & Voice Line Extension
  • 1 x VoIP DDI
  • 1 x Standard IP Phone
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One Business Elite

  • $25.00/mth

  • 1 x Sip Trunk (Concurrent call)
  • 1 x Cloud Voice Licence & Voice Line Extension
  • 1 x VoIP DDI
  • 1 x Elite IP Phone
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One Business Premium Combo

  • $30.00/mth

  • 1 x Sip Trunk (Concurrent call)
  • 1 x Cloud Voice Licence & Voice Line Extension
  • 1 x VoIP DDI
  • 1 x Premium IP Phone
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One Business Cordless Combo

  • $25.00/mth

  • 1 x Sip Trunk
    (Concurrent call)
  • 1 x Cloud Voice Licence
    Voice Line Extension
  • 1 x VoIP DDI
  • 1 x Cordless IP Phone
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One Business Conference Combo

  • $50.00/mth

  • 1 x Sip Trunk
    (Concurrent call)
  • 1 x Cloud Voice Licence
    Voice Line Extension
  • 1 x VoIP DDI
  • 1 x Conference IP Phone
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Additional Features
Auto Attendant (IVR) per IVR $10.00
Virtual Number per number/ext $10.00
Softphone licence for Mobile device (IOS & Android) per licence $5.00
Calling record Licence (2 years) per licence $5.00
Biz Fax to Email per Fax $10.00
Biz Toll Free Line per number $15.00
POE Gigabyte Smart Switch per unit $20.00(24M)
Alternative numbers (DDI) per number $5.00
Alternative numbers (DDI Block of 10) per block $20.00

Terms and conditions apply. Prices exclude GST.

Calling Bundles Add bundles to reduce call costs, you can buy multiple bundles
500 Minutes NZ Anywhere Calling $30.00/mth
1000 Minutes NZ Anywhere Calling $50.00/mth

Terms and conditions apply. Prices exclude GST.

Standard Call Charges Without purchasing calling bundles
Local Call per minute 3c
National Call per minute 3c
NZ Mobile Call per minute 13c

Terms and conditions apply. Prices exclude GST.

Features List
Personal User Features Description
Call Pickup When there is a phone call but no answer, other colleagues can use their own phone to quickly connect to other colleagues' desk calls.
Hunt Groups Calls can ring simultaneously on many phones at the same time, or can call on the next phone in a group if someone is busy.
Call Forwarding Transfer the call to another destination, for example, a mobile phone, a voice mail box, or another phone number.
Call Waiting During the phone call connection, when there is the second call in, user can choose to hold on the first call and pick up the second call.
Call Conferencing Base on the model of the IP phone, this feature can supports three parties, six parties or multi-party communication at same time.
Call Transfer (Attendant & Blind Transfer) User can transfer one incoming call to another IP Phone or cell phone through a function key on the IP Phone.
Call Divert When the IP Phone is damaged due to unforeseen causes, it can directly transfer the incoming call to the specified fixed phone or phone number through the cloud server instead of the client extension.
Call Hold Active calls can be put on hold while other calls are made, users can toggle between both calls.
Call History View a history of calls on the IP desk phone.
Call Return Users can return a call from their call history on the IP desk phone.
Follow Me Users can set up office phone calls to their mobile phones and avoid missing important calls after leaving the office.
Voice Mail The voice mail box, the user can inquire the message information in the voice mail box.
Caller ID The call number is displayed.
Do Not Disturb Free of interruption, automatically block incoming call when function is turned on.
Define Business Hours Users can set working hours. Users can listen to voice messages or transfer to Mobile phones when call in occur at after-working hours.
Call Detail Record Call log
Speed Dial Users can dial a 2-Digit code for up to 8 numbers from their IP Desk Phone.
Term (admin) Features Description
Distinctive Ringtone Characteristics of the bell.
Multilevel IVR Variable voice navigation system (multi-level, multi-option)
PIN User User permission restriction
Remote Extensions The number of extension is unlimited and easy to expand.
Unlimited Extension The number of extension is unlimited and easy to expand.
Ringing Group Set up different user groups (e.g. Sales, marketing, accounting)
Music on Hold Music is played automatically when the call is suspended.
Voice Mail to Email Voicemail is sent to a User defined email address in .wav format
Additional Features Description
Auto Attendant (IVR) Pre-recorded message automatically answers inbound calls, allowing callers to select from pre-defined routing options.
Virtual Number Local number/ Extension number which diverts incoming calls to a mobile or another landline.
Softphone licence (IOS & Android) Download Mobile APP and SYNC your extension on Mobile Device
Calling record Licence (2 years) Ability to record all calls of any type, inbound or outbound
Biz Fax to Email Send / Receive faxes via your email address.
Biz Toll Free Line 0800 or 0508 NZ numbers, improve your customer experience and marketing effectiveness as your own calling cost.
Alternative numbers (DDI) Direct Dial-in NZ phone number.


  • Per User Pricing

    Simple to manage, great value, per user pricing that includes unlimited data, as well as unlimited calling to NZ and Australian landlines and mobiles, for a fixed amount per month.

  • Hosted in the cloud

    Cloud based voice for feature-rich call management, without needing to invest in expensive infrastructure.

  • Always ready to answer

    Manage and adapt your call routing to suit your business hours and calendar, or quickly set up simultaneous ring to mobiles when specific teams will be out of the office.

  • Direct your calls

    Make sure your customers get through to the person or team they need, with features that direct calls and enable phones to ring sequentially or simultaneously, ensuring they get answered.

Voice Hardware Options

  • Standard IP phone

    Entry Level IP Phone

    High-functionality Equipped for Office Working

  • Elite IP Phone

    Feature-rich sip phone for business

    Delivering a superb sound quality as well as rich visual experience

  • Premium IP Phone

    Enterprise IP Phone

    High-end IP Phone give the Best experience to you

  • Cordless IP Phone

    Easy DECT, Easy Business

    Designed specifically for small businesses and SOHO operations in the market for cost-saving

  • Conference IP Phone

    Pure and Powerful Sound Quality

    Unify a clear-and-easy conferencing communication experience for both in-room and remote participants.

Important Things To Know

  • Available to customers with a minimum of 3 employees. You must have a minimum of three users to sign up. Eligibility criteria apply.
  • You must have an eligible UnicomNZ access product to connect your fixed sites.
  • UnicomNZ One business voice service available on a 24 or 36 month term only.
  • UnicomNZ supply you with UnicomNZ Business grade Routers and range of UnicomNZ Business IP Phones.
  • UnicomNZ One business voice service, including all cloud Voice feature, fully management, free support, Cloud Voice license and extension.
  • UnicomNZ One business voice billing starts on activation of your voice services.
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